Demented Doctor XL 14-16

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This demented doctor is ready to see you now! This tattered, blood-spattered white polyester gabardine robe has frayed sleeves and a jagged hemline. It's a pullover that fastens with Velcro™ tabs at center back. It has bloody hand prints on it and five non-functional brown plastic buckles on black faux leather straps down the right front to resemble a straitjacket. The frightening molded vinyl mask has long, stringy black synthetic hair attached. It's red with black eyes, white teeth, and gashes all over it, and it's held in place by an elastic band. There are eye slits for vision and slits in the nose for breathing. This is a horrifying costume for kids to wear on Halloween. 100% polyester gabardine, Blood-spattered white robe fastens w/Velcro at center back, Front has bloody hand prints & five non-functional vinyl straps w/plastic buckles, molded vinyl mask has stringy synthetic hari attached, Eye & nose slits for vision & breathing, elastic band for security. Includes Coat and Mask w/Attached hair.